The intersection of cylinders, whose axes allgo through a common point and have equally distributed directions, yields very interestingshapes.


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The figure indicates the number of intersectingcylinders.


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Elementsfrom the analytical geometry


Moreinformation for the intersection of 4 cylinders


As anexample, details for the intersection 150


Otherviews on the intersection of 3 cylinders


Interestingrelationships between the polygedra giving the directions of the intersectingcylindres.


A theorem for the number of facets of a intersection of cylinders.


Recognize the pattern of an intersection of cylinders.


See also: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/SteinmetzSolid.html


See a mention in SpektrumDirekt


The dual of the cube is the octahedra. Do you know the dual of an intersection of cylinders? [12.11.2005]



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